Well Conveyor

Well Conveyor’s Slim Battery Powered Tractor enables access to highly deviated and horizontal wellbores on any type of cable, including Slickline, E-line, Fibre Cable, and Digital Slickline.

Our mission

Well Conveyor’s mission is simplifying access to challenging wells everywhere.

Our conveyance solutions will get your sensing cables, logging and intervention tools to the bottom of your horizontal well, or as our slogan goes – ‘Tow-to-toe’.


The slim battery powered tractor allows access to deviated and horizontal wellbores with all types of cable. Wire feed-through gives flexible toolstring configuration, and a tool diameter less than 1 11/16″ OD enables tractoring through tubing sizes ranging
from 2 ⅜ – 6“

Value proposition


Slimmest tractor on the market with less than 1 11/16” diameter (42mm), providing access to wells that have so far not been serviceable with tractors as well as reducing choking effects during interventions in live wells.


Optimized from the beginning for running on batteries, with an efficient electro-mechanical design that provides for tractoring distances of more than 15,000 ft (5 km). Allows for lower priced conveyance alternatives compared to surface powered tractors.

No crew required

Easy to operate, transport and maintain. Can be run by trained wireline crews, thereby reducing extra crews on location and allowing for rapid mobilization everywhere.

Technical specifications

Business process



Our goal is to help service companies offer complete conveyance solutions to the end-users. We will work with select partners to ensure that they have the know-how and support to promote and operate our product. Please contact us if you would like to become a partner.


Complete sets according to job requirements will be available for short or long term rentals. We will provide adapters needed to interface with standard wireline conveyance and logging equipment.


We will offer support for all aspects of the job. This will include training of field technicians / engineers, job planning, sales and service. We’re there to ensure you deliver a successful service and meet the operator’s needs.

Need help with cost-effective access to horizontal wells?

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